A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game represents being the prisoner of a social network, but still having the need to find those gems that bring supposed happiness. Lucky for you this is just a simulation, and you only need to be a prisoner for one minute at a time. During this minute try to find as many gems as possible using the familiar sound they emit! OBS: Collect them with your face!

Install instructions

This game requires an Oculus Rift DK2 and a pair of headphones to be played. Don't forget the headphones!

It needs a bit of tracking space, making sure the camera faces you directly is a good idea, and to get some distance. I have only added keyboard commands to start the game so if you don't have long arms you might want to ask someone else to start it for you.

I developed it on a Mac with Oculus SDK and the Oculus Audio SDK 0.9.2. This also means I haven't tried the Windows version, any reports on that would be nice. Twitter: @BOLL7708


YouAreTheProduct_WIN_1.2.zip 12 MB
YouAreTheProduct_OSX_1.2.zip 15 MB